Thank you for stopping by my website.  After going through the website, if you have any questions feel free to reach me at (512) 522-8031 or send an email to magicbycarlos@gmail.com.

I’m laid back, easy going and will do my best to speak with you as if we are sitting across from each other drinking a cup of coffee or getting a bite to eat.  You may be asking yourself, how can we work together?

I’m known as “The Problem Solver”.   As an engineer, I solved problems for many corporations.  As a magician I take the same approach with helping corporations entertain their employees, help get a message across, or a launch a new product, to name a few.

The events I have the pleasure of performing are important to me because my name is on everything I do. 

When you contact me, please provide any information you have about your event, such as:  number of attendees, audience profile, date/time of your event, etc.


The Magic of Attitude

The Magic of Attitude is an explosive Motivational Message with World Class Illusions.  Empowering, Educational, and Entertaining, High Energy interactive event for all of your audience attendees.  This presentation will set the tone of your conference positioned either at the opening or closing session.

The Magic of Achieving Goals

Are you or your organization facing a task that seems difficult, perhaps unachievable?  The Magic of Achieving Goals pulls back the curtain and gives the audience a glimpse of how magicians achieve the impossible, one tiny step at a time.  Through entertainment, stories and tools the audience can use the process to achieve incredible results, even in the most challenging situations.

The Magic of Leadership

The Magic of Leadership is a powerful presentation that reveals the secret all great leaders use, and that, you can too.  Discover how to get people to take you more seriously with one simple change in something you do on a daily basis.  The secret to leading without leading!  The Magic of Leadership educates and entertains while revealing the secrets of why people follow the leader.  Powerful! 

The Art of Magic

A 30-40 minutes of non-stop high energy motivation involving the entire audience.  This presentation is interactive and a ton of fun for everyone involved.  The audience is taken on a roller coaster ride of impossible happenings that must be experienced to be believed.  This is the perfect presentation to take place after everyone has enjoyed dinner.  The introductions are made then the show begins.  Responses though out the show vary from screams to mute astonishment.  All of this is wrapped up in situational comedy.  We won’t spoil the surprise but we will say that the show is something people will talk about for a very long time. 



The Beginning

Magic by Carlos grew up in “The Bronx”.  He learned a love of magic at an early age.  Carlos completed High School and graduated with his diploma despite being homeless at the age of 16.   He served as a U.S. Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer.  After serving in the military he started a career as a software engineer.  Carlos has a B.S. in Information Technology and an M.S. in Information Security. 

The Engineer

As a software engineer Carlos discovered problems and new ways of solving them.  He provided solutions to organizations such as:  Northrop Grumman, Siemens, Harris, Fidelity, NEC, Miami Dolphins and others.  As a result, he became “The Problem Solver”.


Best known amoung the many companies and corporations Magic by Carlos has served but not limited to are:  Easter Seals, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, Sprint, HEB, and United Way.


Magic by Carlos donates his time and performs magic for Veterans and their families.


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