Magical History


I did not receive a magic kit like I hear of most magicians. I didn't know what a magic kit was. I resided in the projects located in "The Bronx".

I was eight years old when I first experienced magic.
It was watching a TV show that I saw a woman sit on a chair that was atop of a table pulling a cloth over her head. The magician walking behind her, pulling the cloth back, exposing an empty chair. That was the moment I was hooked on magic.

There I started my very long journey into magic. First, I started with a book from the library. I then went to magic shops but the magic shops did not provide me with the knowledge I was seeking. I did not want a trick, I wanted to perform magic.

Later in life I met magicians who were traveling the world performing. I asked questions. I studied them. I attempted to perform the illusions that I saw the perform.

I started to perform myself. I performed as an amateur for approximately 20 years. One day I transitioned from amateur to professional. I could perform illusions that were mind boggling to lay audiences. I perform an act that provides the audience with laughter and amazement.

The journey was long but it was worth every struggle. The struggle is not over as there is still yet so much more to learn.